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Hair removal is pretty important, with quite a few people trying to do whatever they can to assure that they don’t have too much of it – if at all. Unfortunately, this can be especially frustrating when you consider all of the different things that people have done to get rid of the hair that may be on their bodies. Waxes, razors and laser hair removal have always been ways to get of it, and while plenty of them work, but they may come with certain drawbacks. They may be painful or expensive, and while we’ve come to expect something, the Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Product is one without pain or hurting the wallet too much, two of the things people are mostly concerned about.

Product Details

The eGlide is the world’s first electrolysis at home kits, and in addition to being completely unique, it’s also very effective for the person who uses them. There are simply some products, like the myriad of at-home laser hair removal treatments that do not work for every type of skin. This isn’t the case with the eGlide, as it accurately and proficiently removes every type of hair, with no preference to one shade over another. Also, the electrolysis roller is very easy to use, comparable to how one would use a razor.

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Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Product Features and Specifications

  • Face roller and body modes
  • Conductive Gel
  • Two AA batteries
  • Proven galvanic technology
  • LED indicator
  • Built-in Timer
  • Carry-on pouch

Why the eGlide?

Since there are so many different hair removal products out there, it’s only understandable why a person would want to know why they should choose the eGlide over the traditional way – shaving. No one particularly likes to shave with a sharp blade, as it can cause scarring and ingrown hairs. Also, it can really be a pain, and it takes a surprising amount of time for some people out there. It’s nothing short of a pain, but luckily, there are options. The eGlide won’t be the bane of your day, and if you think about how much you’re spending in razors and saving cream – the eGlide saves you money, as well.

There are other methods to remove hair, too. One of the more popular is laser hair removal. If you happen to get it done professioanlly, there’s a good chance that you’re paying hundreds of dollars per treatment. Sure, it may be effective, but there’s no denying the fact that it’s expensive. Even if you decide to buy your own laser treatment product, they may not work – but they definitely will be expensive. eGlide offers a cost-effective solution to hair removal, with many men and women experiencing the benefit of home electrolysis. And with some people stating that they’ve seen results in just 3 uses, this is a product that’s assuredly worth trying out.

If you’re considering a more efficient and less painless way to remove hair, there may not be anything that can top the eGlide. It’s quick, easy and quite possibly the cheapest way to get rid of hair.

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